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RAFINT is working with PharmaLex, a world leading provider of specialist regulated services, to deliver regulatory affairs services to the LATAM region for joint projects.

Operating under a close and long-established partnership, RAFINT and PharmaLex can provide the full PharmaLex portfolio of products and services in the region, via PharmaLex’s central corporate operating system. This safeguards PharmaLex’s high-quality standards whilst at the same time enabling them to expand their products and services into new territories across the globe.

The countries covered under this partnership include, among others, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Central American & Caribbean countries. 

Our company has well-established local representatives with broad experience across the region. Their local expertise enables them to successfully navigate the regulatory landscape in each country, including significant experience of meeting with the Health Authorities. In addition to offering the core PharmaLex services and supporting our partner’s existing LATAM operations, RAFINT services include regulatory intelligence, maintenance, support for clinical trial approvals and marketing authorization approval. 

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