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Service Culture

  • We shall understand clients business needs and identify the solutions that are more convenient to address these needs, even if that means recommending our clients actions that may result in less work allocated to RAFINT.

  • We shall strive to become an strategic business partner.  During the provision of our services we shall guide our clients to comply with the rules and laws applicable to their business.  Our recommendations should not be limited to the task/business at hand.

  • We condemn inappropriate practices.  However, we have to keep in mind that we are not an "extension" of the regulatory authority/agency:​​  

  • When required we shall be able to think “out-of-the-box”, go beyond the “standard practice”, and proposed new regulatory strategies within the applicable country regulatory framework.

  • We work with the authorities to represent the fair interests of our clients and we must constantly think of ways to make the regulatory process faster and simpler for them.

  • We must never forget that the ultimate goal of our work is to help people have safe and effective products in a timely manner. This is basically what we and the regulatory authorities of our countries are looking for.

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